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posted 1 hour ago

Come on in and join us in the fun!

WE ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

arizrain a posted 2 hours ago

Open for all! Come check us out....  the IP:  thezonenetwork.com

YanivBeStalkin_ POMGG!!! YESS <3


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posted Apr 18, 15


MiniTheStalker aaaah love!
-=+ČĤÚββĔŔŚ101+=- Colorful Finaly! But sadly my mom isnt home so I cant buy the rank .-.

Get Pumped for SQUIDZ!

Albatac a posted Apr 13, 15

GustyHD I know this isn't the right spot for it, but I donated and I still don't have access to the Early Access. I don't know ...
Boli Poor Modii
goatman97 Hmm Something missing A goatman97 xD But it looks fun and awesome

So here's wassup

Albatac a posted Apr 13, 15

Hi Friends and arizrain! It's Albatac a.k.a Chris and I want to let you know what we are currently still working on an update to where we are as a server at the moment. 

To start off, here is a list of games that will be available per launch and early acess launch.

Available at Launch:

1. Ultra Hardcore http://thezonenetwork.com/ultrahardcore

2. Zoom http://thezonenetwork.com/zoom

3. Squidz http://thezonenetwork.com/squidz

4. Metro http://thezonenetwork.com/metro

5. Blockio Kart http://thezonenetwork.com/blockiokart

Not Available at Launch:

1. Animal Junction http://thezonenetwork.com/animaljunction

2. Creative http://thezonenetwork.com/creative

But Albatac! Why aren't Creative and Animal Junction both not being realeased right away?? Omg pls.

Welp! I'm glad you asked. Animal Junction and Creative both require a plotting system to run which will take up more time than expected. Since we just recently had picked up 3 reliable developers, we want to open the server to the public as soon as possible and to do so we can't release with every game we have planned. This does not mean we are not going to release it, it means we are still working on it to make it the best it can possibly be! We will not dissapoint you with these two amazing gamemodes and also the amount of work put into this server thus far, will be all worth it when you log on for the first time and get into the zone! (punny, heh)

What we are working on:

Finalizing of the website: 85% Done

Area Setups: 90% Done

Final Plugin Development: 90% Done

Final Ranking System: 95% Done (bug fixes)

Final Rank Benefits: 98% Done

Final Database Connecting: 100% Done

Building: 100% Done

We are working our little minecraft characters to the limit and should be open VERY soon. With the 2 major gamemodes being pushed off a few weeks, we have enough time now to fix all bugs and finish the minor plugins we needed for dependencies. We will see you soon and get in the zone. :)

- Albatac

MiniTheStalker OMG! Yaaaas! an update on the gamemodes! Woo hoo I can't wait for realzz!
YanivBeStalkin_ the hype... face.. calm down.. please... ...
TigerWay "friends and arizrain" XD wooh so excited though! :3
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