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Come on in and join us in the fun!

WE ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

arizrain a posted Apr 25, 15

Open for all! Come check us out....  the IP:  thezonenetwork.com

xYaniv Omg Yahh <3


NennaBot a posted Apr 18, 15


BoxedWater aaaah love!
Colorful Finaly! But sadly my mom isnt home so I cant buy the rank .-.

Get Pumped for SQUIDZ!

Albatac a
Albatac @ Factions
posted Apr 13, 15

GustyHD I know this isn't the right spot for it, but I donated and I still don't have access to the Early Access. I don't know ...
Boli Poor Modii
goatman97 Hmm Something missing A goatman97 xD But it looks fun and awesome

Early server access

Albatac a
Albatac @ Factions
posted Feb 4, 15

Welcome everyone to the Zone Network!

As we are getting closer to the launch of the server, we are allowing players to purchase ranks before we make the server public. If you buy a rank you will gain access to the server one week before it opens to the rest of the public. This allows you to play our games before anyone else and also help us bug test everything.


Q & A

Q: I bought a rank, did you get it?

A: Chances are yes, at the end of the day, we will post your name to this forum post by clicking here.

Q: Whats the server IP?

A: thezonenetwork.com which will be accesible to those who purchased a rank before launch and will be able to join one week before launch.

Q: When is lunch?

A: Lunch is at noon, Launch at the moment is uncertain, we are now currently aiming for the beginning of March.  We will let everyone know the date players will be able to access one week before, and also for the public.

 Shop Link -> http://www.thezonenetwork.com/shop

Colorful Albatac can you list perks for each rank? I wanna know what rank gets what ...
Colorful Cant wait!
SkyFox1015 I cant wait until its un white listed!!!!!!!!
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